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TAG Heuer has joined forces with CAPSOUL to craft a revolutionary piece: a spectacular watch crown, entirely grown and executed in lab-grown Diamond. The crown, a striking 2.5 carat diamond, was created for TAG Heuer’s exquisite TAG Heuer Carrera Plasma watch. This is the first time that Diamond is used as a raw-material in the design of a luxury piece rather than set as a decorative element. Sold for $380K a piece, it is the most expensive timepiece ever created by TAG, with its limited edition sold out immidiately, amid stellar media success.

CAPSOUL is a startup leading the new industry of Diamond 2.0. Rather than imitating natural diamonds, CAPSOUL sees lab-grown diamonds as a new raw material bearing new values. They were approached by TAG Heuer to develop a never-before-seen piece in this spirit.

In the current cultural ethos, a polished diamond represents the very definition of Perfection. A frozen fragment of eternity. It is therefore symbolic that CAPSOUL’s first project to see the light of day is a timepiece: the ultimate object that reminds us how momentary and fleeting life is. Everything is changing. times are changing too.

CAPSOUL presents: T
he new era of Diamond.

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